The Iconic is the biggest online fashion retailer in Australia. I became the second member of The Iconic customer experience team in April 2012. In one and a half years, the work we had accomplished resulted into a significant revenue growth.

  • UX Designer
  • 2012 - 2013

A bit of background…

Above — The Iconic catalog page redesign Francesco De Chirico, Aurelien Labonne and I did in early 2013

The Iconic launched in late 2011 by Rocket Internet, the goal was to become the number one online fashion retailer in Australia. I joined the start-up in the early stages when there wasn’t much structure and it all felt like we were all part of small team working together towards one goal.

Having that kind of set up and being surounded by really smart people helped me grow a lot, whether it be on the craft and technical side of things, but also on my attitude and personality.

I learned to be positive and have a can-do attitude no matter what, I learned to run user interviews, I learned to manage people, I learned about UI and visual design, the list goes on…

Involving customers as much as we could

Above — The Iconic valentine’s day parallax landing page showing different styles as you scroll

I believe that involving customers as part of the product develpment process is key to creating the best experience for them. As a result, I ran over 30 user testing sessions based on Steve Krug’s methods (author of UX books such as “Don’t make me think” and “Rocket surgery made easy”).

And as an on-going process, I designed wireframes to solve customers’ problems that we found while doing user testing sessions, A/B tests and customer surveys. Some of those wireframes resulted in complex prototypes that had to take into account all user scenarios and make sure that the goals set out by stakeholders were achieved.

Becoming a manager

Several months after I started, I was promoted to lead and manage a team of 4 people. This team was in charge of building all onsite content including homepage carousels slides, promotion banners and landing pages.

Being a manager for the first time, I decided to apply and enforce the things I liked from my previous managers, and not do the things that I disliked. So, I focused on leading by example and making sure people’s happiness and freedom was at the highest, because I believe people grow the most and produce their best work when they’re not micro-managed and happy.