Easee is a web animation tool for designers. Being the sole maker of the product has been a great opportunity to earn experience in a broad range of areas such as product design, product strategy, branding, back-end and front-end development, product marketing, and customer communication. In April 2016, Easee and I joined InVision by way of an acquihire.

  • Founder
  • 2015 - 2016

A bit of background…

Above — the landing page used for the orginal launch

There were a lot of prototyping tools out there, but when it came to easily design beautiful animations for the web, they all fell short. Ironically, they were too big, had too many features, required you to code, and tried to solve every problem.

So, I decided to build a simple ready-to-customize skeleton prototype to help other designers at Campaign Monitor create CSS animations. Seeing them animating their designs was really satisfying, but I must say the prototype was still really limiting.

That’s when I saw a need and decided to commit nights and weekends to build my own web animations tool. Easee is now used by thousands of people around the world to create web animations.

If you’re interested in the full story, you should read this article I wrote.

Interactions and performance

Above — some of the concept sketches for the logo and homepage

Easee has been a great opportunity to experiment with the UI and spend time on interactions that make the product easier to use. In fact, almost every interaction in the app happens instantly, that’s not because the app is magically fast, but because it feels fast.

Uploading high resolution images can take seconds, even minutes depending on your connection. In the animation builder, when people add multiple images at once, those show up instantly so people can start animating right away while the images are being uploaded in the background.

When people want to delete one of their animations, they can simply press the delete icon rather than going through multiple confirmation steps. And if they deleted something by mistake, they can always undo.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see which animation you want to edit. When you hover the thumbnail, the animation plays instantly so you know if whether or not this is the animation you wanted to edit.

Easee in the press

Easee has been featured and written about in well known press such as The Next Web, A List Apart, SitePoint, .net Magazine and many others.

Also I’m proud to say that Easee was voted “side projec of the month” in November 2015, and included in the “10 best tools for 2016” in February 2016 by .net Magazine.