Backseat is the first ridesharing app in Australia. Just select your pick-up location, and the app connects you with the closest available driver. Being part of the founding team has been a beneficial and challenging experience.

  • Co-founder
  • 2014

A bit of background…

Above — the main screen shows where you and drivers around you are

I joined the team in early 2014 to create the first ridesharing solution in Australia and disrupt the outdated and not so user friendly taxi industry. After a lot of hard work building the product and creating a community, we finally launched in Sydney. It was awesome to see people using the product and enjoying the ridesharing experience.

Unfortunatly, the Australian legislation wasn’t quite ready for this and threatened fines of up to $110,000 for drivers found to be charging for trips without accreditation.

As we were still seeking funding, we deciced not to take that risk and pause the business while looking for potential solutions and partnerships.

It all comes down to problem solving

My role as a designer and co-founder was quite broad. My main goal was to get something in people’s hands as soon as we could to learn and iterate from there. That means that even though my main focus was around the user flows and UX of the app, I spent a lot of time solving problems that usually do not fall under the product designer hat.

Above — a unique and highly recognisable app icon

Ultimately, designing and creating a business comes down to problem solving. I enjoy doing whatever it takes to do so, whether it be sending surveys to people to learn more about their needs, designing and coding a website, designing and coding screens for the app, designing investors decks, designing icons, or even designing flyers to hand over in the street…

Backseat in the medias

We were lucky enough to be featured on the main Australian medias, including Channel 9, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review, and

Above — Backseat was featured on Channel 9 for “Financial Review Sunday”